God wants you blessed.

He wants you blessed in your relationships, blessed in the area of your health, blessed with peace and joy…and blessed financially.

Sometimes we think God isn’t concerned with our prosperity, but Jesus’ parables dealt with money than any other topic, and the Bible mentions money and possessions well over 2000 times. Compare this to approximately 500 mentions of prayer and 500 of faith, and it’s clear that money matters to God. The truth is, God wants you blessed in every area of your life, simply because He loves you and He wants you well equipped to do His will.

In this four-part series, we dive deep into the Word to gain a biblical foundation for what prosperity is, how to handle it, how to increase in it, and how to seek God first in the area of our finances.

It’s time to recognize God’s supernatural power at work within you for your finances. Begin to step into God’s financial blessings for your life, starting today!

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