about reaching the world in a relevant and practical way without compromising any of Holy Spirit’s awesome power. It’s communicating with others as Jesus would; using their language, stories and settings. It’s God working in you and through you, to create the supernatural in your everyday life. Christianity is meant to be the most powerful, attractive force on the planet, but it requires us to learn to identify and trust in, your internal sense of Holy Spirit’s leading. It isn’t complicated and you don’t have to become someone that you’re not. Holy Spirit will work with your personality, just as you are, today and everyday. If you do this, you’ll be amazed at the results. If we all lived our lives this way, it wouldn’t just make a difference in our world, it would make the world different.


These programs will teach you the heart behind Spirit Contemporary, click below to be taken to full episodes

Join Leon as he unpacks how to live a Spirit Contemporary life, the life God intended you to have! This daily preaching show is seen throughout US and Canada, check your local listings for show times.

In this 5 part docu-series, watch as stories come alive showing you the true power of Holy Spirit in your everyday life. Watch along with us as we Discover Spirit Cotnemporary.

In the wake of a mysterious and shocking murder, three unique people – an Assistant Chief of Police, a reporter, and a teenage girl – are supernaturally empowered to fight for the city’s poorest and most racially diverse neighborhood.

The Spirit Contemporary Life Book

The Spirit Contemporary Life reveals the key to living an empowered life—one that connects your day-to-day existence with God’s supernatural power.

This transformational shift won’t just change you. It will change the world around you.

Devoted with Leon, a daily devotional

One of Leon Fontaine’s greatest passions in life is to help people to grow closer to God. As you read each short, inspirational message in this daily devotional, Leon will encourage you to think deeply and apply the wisdom and miraculous power of God’s Word to your everyday life.

Devoted Devotional Book
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