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Supercharge Your Faith

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Do you want to do more than exist or barely get by? Do you want to live – and I mean really live?

There’s a key to living life with a jump in your step and a twinkle in your eyes, and it’s called FAITH. The trouble is, Satan loves to attack our right to use our faith. He wants us to feel unworthy to walk in the power and authority we have in Christ, when the truth is that Jesus earned us that right.

In this three-part series by Leon Fontaine, you will learn the forgotten basics of the faith. You’ll begin to gain an unshakeable confidence in your right as a believer, and you will discover the truth about how to build faith. Start walking in this powerful force that causes us to embrace challenges and rise about every storm with confidence!

There is a supernatural ability in you as a believer to live in the faith realm. Supercharge your faith, starting today, and live every day with courage and passion.